Summer Job Interview Questions For Teens

Ok, so the big question here is - how do you find a job on Craigslist quickly?

What most people do obviously is browse through the ads under "gigs" and "jobs" and that is of course one way to get you a job on Craigslist. If you are a web designer you will look under art/media/design, if you are a lawyer or an attorney, you can look under legal/paralegal. You read the particulars of the posting made by the employer and if this is of interest to you, you can reply to him with your credentials by email or phone.

Another way to get a job is to let people know about your services. If you are an expert with image editing, you can post an ad stating your skill under "services". If you are a lawyer you can post your qualifications and how much you charge under "legal", if you teach Spanish/French, you can speak about your degree, years of experience and charges under "lessons". These of course are two ways of searching Craigslist for a job.

Another very good way of bagging a job as it arrives on the website is to use a search tool for Craigslist. Using a search tool which has notifications will allow you to be the first person who knows about a new ad. With a search tool, ads will come to you instead of you going to each and every ad. Most search tools allow replying to prospective employers too.

As the summer season approaches some high school teens are making plans to work. For many, this could be a first job. As you consider where to work and what kind of work you want to do, you should also get your high school resume as well as prepare for your interview. Here are eight interview questions employers ask high school students in interviews. These tips will serve as a guide to help high school teens come up with the best answers in the job interview.
A. The interviewer wants to learn more about your skills, abilities and some of your interests. This response sets the tone for the rest of the interview and it is a good idea to make the answer as brief as possible. A rough rule of thumb is to say something about the recent past, something current and a plan for the future. Here is what one freshman student shared in her interview,

– My family relocated to this region three years ago and I went to XYZ Middle School.
– I am currently a Freshman at ABC High School and I take all honors classes. I am a part of the drama club stage crew and enjoy the theatre and arts.
– My goal is to pursue Theatre Arts in college.
A. Tell the interviewer why you applied for this position. Talk about your skills and your availability, not the employee discount. As a high school student, you can speak to the flexibility that the job offers, the proximity of the job to home or school or that you are saving for something specific like a summer trip, sports camp or your first car.
A. High school teens should speak about after school activities, elective classes taken outside of school or any volunteer work or family obligations you might have. Do not be afraid to talk about activities such as music lessons or band practice.
A. This is a good chance to speak about your good performance in your favorite classes. Speak about teachers who you know would be able to give you a good letters of recommendation.
A. The interviewer wants to learn about you problem solving skills for handling challenges or conflicts. Make sure to give specific examples where you might have had a problem you actually had to solve. Don’t forget to talk about great outcomes.
A. Share your availability to work daily or weekly. If you are looking for a job in retail, do not forget Saturday and Sunday. These might be the days where the employer needs you most.
A. Share information about job skills or accomplishment on the job. Do not speak badly about any prior employers. Keep this part of the interview very positive and upbeat.
A. Here is an opportunity to talk about your job skills, behaviors and achievements and how they could be an asset on your new job.
Interview preparation is really key to interview success!
For extra help, teens can take the job description to the career counseling office at their high school and ask if for assistance. Ask to do a practice interview as well.