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When most oil rig job seekers set out in search of oil rig vacancies, they usually expect to find jobs that are physically draining and work environments that are fundamentally unsafe. And while it's true that many oil rig vacancies are for jobs that are extremely physically demanding, there are a number of vacancies that do not have anything to do with drilling, which is the most physically demanding type of oil rig job.

Some of the more common non-drilling vacancies include:

A closer look at a couple of the above-noted oil rig vacancies paints a pretty bright picture for any rig job seeker who wants to avoid extremely physical work.

A rig radio operator jobs - which, in addition to radio operations, also serve the critical function of being the center of all rig logistics in emergency situations - pay an average of around $42,000 per year. You'll need a radio operator's license for this type of position.

A rig's catering department also provides an example of oil rig vacancies that do are not as demanding as drilling jobs. In addition to the head chef and cook jobs, there is also a camp boss, a team of stewards, bakers, and so forth. The camp boss is the most senior catering position on a rig and it typically pays around $55,000 per year.

And since a rig is a non-stop operation, food is needed - and served - around the clock. This means there can be a lot of vacancies on a rig for catering department jobs.

The best advice, when considering which oil rig vacancies to apply for, is to take a look at your own skill set and interests. If working outdoors in an extremely physically demanding role - exposed to unsafe conditions - is either beyond your capabilities or simply does not appeal to you (or both), then you're better off thinking about one of the many different types of non-drilling rig vacancies.

Non-drilling vacancies can offer you the best of both worlds in that you'll still reap many of the same rewards of the lifestyle (rig workers commonly work on a 14-day "on," 21-day "off" rotation, with no meal or accommodation costs), but you won't have to put as much of yourself on the line physically.

And, who knows? Perhaps through your exposure to non-drilling rig jobs you'll find yourself warming up to the idea of a more physical role. So much so that you may, in future, find yourself keeping an eye out for any oil rig vacancies that will make bigger demands of you physically (and with bigger demands, come bigger rewards).

More and more companies today are outsourcing online data entry jobs, making this one of the more lucrative work at home opportunities available. You must be cautious in choosing the companies that you work for, however, since there are many that will just take your sign up fee and then provide only stale leads or thinly disguised Internet marketing spam. Since many companies charge a set up fee, you may find it difficult to tell the legitimate companies from the scams. Here are some hints to help you find the best jobs on the Internet for working at home.
Online data entry jobs that are handled by companies or sites that have been around for a while are the most likely to be legitimate work at home opportunities. Companies that scam the public or that have a poor payment record are unlikely to stay around very long, simply because there are forums and discussion sites where information about who to avoid is posted for all to see. A company that has only been in business for a few weeks or months and is promising the moon may be perfectly legitimate, but is more likely one which is not to be trusted. Look for a track record of legitimate job postings and prompt payment.
Customer service
You should be able to reach the company directly through a customer service number. Online data entry jobs from companies where there is no way to contact customer service or where the representatives are not knowledgeable about the company are automatically suspect. If the representative cannot make themselves understood in English, you may have trouble getting yourself understood in the event of a payment problem. You should be able to ask questions of a person who can respond with good answers.
Good reputation
Look for the company that you are considering for online data entry jobs through your favorite Internet search engine. If they have a web presence, check to see if there is a forum attached where people can post comments. You may also want to check the various review sites for the general reputation of the company. Another place to check for the reputation of the company is at the Better Business Bureau. This will tell you if the company has a record of poor or slow payment, if they have poor communication characteristics and if they have ethical and professional attitude toward customers.
Subject matter
The type of online data entry jobs that you choose should be based on the type of interest that you have. If you have concerns about technical writing on subjects that you have little knowledge of or interest in, then you shouldn’t accept work that focuses on technical writing subjects. If you are uncomfortable with adult websites or businesses, then don’t accept assignments from such businesses. You won’t be able to do a good job for the customer even if they are willing to pay more. It is not a financial issue, it’s an ethics issue with certain types of data entry work.