Job Search 101 – Best Instant Success Tips to Help Get You Hired Quick

Fast overnight jobs are simply the best, there's no waiting for a letter or phone call so you wont end up sitting around for weeks on end just to see if your application was accepted. The overnight jobs you are about to read of actually hire you on the spot. There are no interviews, no special skills or experience required and it does not matter where you live. These overnight jobs will end your job hunting right here and now.

There are only a limited number of places in the world that will hire someone this quickly without even so much as an interview but market research companies do, they are the undisputed kings when it comes to handing out overnight jobs. And here's the reason why.

Market research companies get paid to gather data for big multinational companies. One of the most effective ways for them to do this quickly is by paying consumers cash for filling out short surveys. This is where

enter the picture. There are now survey agencies out there that you can sign up with that will supply you with enough surveys to enable you to earn a full time income from home. And the money? How does a minimum of $25 per hour sound just for filling in your opinion on various topics?

Most people think it's not possible to find overnight jobs and instead end up beating the streets for months on end looking for employment. The reality is that they are right here in the online world. However, there are a lot of survey companies out there that will promise you a king's ransom and then pay you little to nothing. Finding the right survey companies to do your surveys for is the biggest hurdle that most people face when starting out. It really pays to get help with this or do some research of your own.

Realistically, once you have a solid foundation with a well done resume and cover letters you can focus on getting interviews and acing interviews. But first, having a successful follow up system can be a big help so your efforts can be maximized. Remember hiring managers and recruiters are busy folks out of necessity, so a reliable system like this can reap big rewards.   First send out a thank you letter promptly after each and every interview. Then in your MS Outlook calendar with built in alarms for appointments log in a follow up date two weeks from the day you sent out the thank you letter. 
Write both these actions down in your job hunting log with the date. When the follow up alarm sounds, simply write and send a professional follow up email, letter or call preferably with your interviewer. Repeat the same actions for your second interview as needed. Log all these actions in your job hunt log. When you are chasing down multiple opportunities, all your actions will be properly coordinated. More importantly the job hunting log is ideal to make sure you leave no stone unturned.
Now about those resumes and cover letters, avoid sending them addressed to the HR Department please.  Simply log onto LinkedIn and use the people search feature, company search feature or search your existing network. A good approach to being unique and different would be simply to ask yourself how you would like to be approached if you were in management. Think of the whole hiring process as a test of your intelligence.
What if you studied a few LinkedIn profiles of management at your targeted companies, you might notice things you have in common like a passion for golf. It may then be obvious you will have a leg up on the competition after all. Fortunately, people still hire people not computers or the internet. One goal you want to stay focused on constantly is getting in front of people each and every day. The more you make that happen, the greater your chances are for success.
Which cover letter will be better received? One that contains an invitation to play a round of golf and the usual necessities  or one that states you need a job, you have qualifications x, y and z? Consider doing a little bit of routine investigation like this to differentiate yourself from the crowd. We call it bottom up marketing in the sales and marketing field. Knowing your audience is critical to being well received for sales, marketing and advertising efforts right?   Why should it be any different for job hunters?
On the subject of targeted resumes, let us say you had in mind three ideal career targets as goals. Who do you think would have more success and get hired faster: Sam who uses one all purpose resume and cover letter to target multiple positions or Aaron who uses three different targeted resumes to target three different positions? While content may still be king, it is only important if your audience thinks it is.
 Do you think having an impressive number of contacts and recommendations on LinkedIn is good for employers to see? If you worked on all these suggestions and found time to do it by eliminating TV for a few weeks would you see some impressive results? You can bank on it.