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Being an employer, it is very important that you conduct background checks for employment to ensure that the people you are hiring have a clean criminal record. On the other hand as an employee, you may have developed certain questions on how these checks really work. Being familiar with what is incorporated and tested in basic searches, and what are the things that should not be included is helpful for both employers and employees.

Typically, these background searches include all information about criminal credit and records. Credit reports or "consumer reports" should be bought from a credit union. This type of information is a legal and official record of an employee's credit and is a fair reflection of the person's history of credit. An employee's criminal records lists any problems or arrests against or with the court justice system and can significantly affect and create potential issues and employment problems to an employee and his company.

Most background checks for employment can be advantageous in two different ways. There are instances where you, as an employer, may find that a prospective employee has criminal records that you think will be problematic for the kind of job he or she is applying for. For instance, you may have found someone to handle your finances that has a criminal history of theft. Background checks are also effective solutions for clearing out people who may bear potential inclination to do trouble. Either way, these checks provide you with a peace of mind that you've already accomplished the proper actions to be taken.

Majority of potential workers or employees feel that checking them out usually suggest a strict and firm employer, or dread that small problems may come up in the future. The violation for speeding tickets, for instance, will surface in several cities as an incident that is court-related. Unless you are vying for a job position as a company driver, it's very unlikely that these minor court-related incident will prohibit you from getting the job you want.

Criminal and credit checks do require an employee's approval, and there is substantial information accessible online which are related to criminal activities. You can easily check and avail this information by going to a clerk of a court and typing in the employee's information. However, credit background checks require legal notice which you can always get after your application process.

Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA manages what type of information a company can search and find out through hiring of an outside form for credit background checks for employment. The FCRA makes use of time lines on civil judgments and bankruptcies. All bankruptcies will and cannot be reported and filed after ten years, and civil judgments expire effectively after seven years.

Maybe you want some part time work, or a full time income. There really are some easy ways to make money at home online! Beware, there are many scams and without guidance it would probably take you months of searching to find a real money making opportunity. I will give you some tips on ways to make money on the internet.
There is a large variety of ways you can work from your home and bring in some good income. Whether you are looking for data entry, surveys, affiliate marketing or specialized work such as administrative or engineering, there is something for everyone that can be found online. Here are a few of the options you have.
1. Online Surveys – This is probably the most popular ways that people make money at home. With surveys, you choose how much you want to work and how much money you make. There is no experience required, you simply choose the surveys you want to take. Many people make hundreds and thousands of dollars per month taking online surveys.
2. Affiliate Marketing – The next most popular options, affiliate marketing allows you to sell other merchants products or services and make money online. Most affiliate programs are free to join. The basic steps include writing articles and setting up a free blog to advertise and write about your products. This is one of the easy ways to make money at home online. This is one of the methods I use, and I absolutely love it.
3. Data Entry – These types of jobs are really hard to find when you search the internet. It is such a competitive field that it’s hard to find any job openings in clerical work. There are however some good sites such as Legit Online Jobs that need people for surveys, ad placement, and some other types of data entry work. There is no experience required with Legit Online Jobs. All that is required is a computer and internet connection.
4. Specialized Jobs – If you are experienced or have a degree, there are jobs available in administrative fields such as medical billing, web design, engineering, and editorial jobs, just to name a few. If you are specialized in a field, you should have no trouble finding ways to make money at home.
These are just a few of the wide variety of options that you can choose from. If you are serious about working at home and are willing to put in a little work (yes, it does take some work), you can find suitable options. To find out about the easy ways to make money at home online, just visit the links below!

3 Creative Job Search Tactics

Many smaller foreclosure clean up businesses get work from larger mortgage field services companies. The trash-out and foreclosure clean up industry is on the rise, as is evident in foreclosure industry reporting data from sources like RealtyTrac, an online marketplace for foreclosures. According to RealtyTrac, 3,825,637 foreclosure filings were reported in 2010 on U.S. properties. That's a double digit increase from the year 2008.

Foreclosure clean up companies handle the clearing out, cleaning up and ongoing interior and exterior maintenance of homes that have been foreclosed upon by banks and mortgage companies. Services offered by foreclosure clean up companies can include a wide spectrum of services, well beyond cleaning. Services offered by these businesses include cleaning, debris removal, painting, minor repairs, lawn maintenance, applying tarps to roofs and full roof repairs, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, one-time and ongoing inspections, vehicle removal, tree cutting, winterization, lock changing, window and door boarding, and more.

Many smaller foreclosure clean up companies get work from property preservation companies. While there are a plethora of property preservation companies in existence, it can be a time-consuming process signing up with all of these entities. The best way to start getting work is to establish your business with the proper license, insurance, and equipment.

Often a business occupational license from your county's County Clerk Office is what is needed. Each county is unique, so call your government office that handles business licensing in your county to find out what type of license you will need based on the services you choose to offer.

Next, contact a local insurance agency and discuss your business so you can best determine the type of coverage your company will need. At minimum, you will need liability insurance coverage. Also plan to discuss securing workmen's compensation insurance and the appropriate coverage for your vehicle.

There are a few routes you can take when it comes to getting equipment for your business. You can either a) purchase equipment, b) rent equipment, or c) use the equipment you already have on hand in your garage or basement to start your business. Plan equipment based on the services you plan to offer in your business.

If you niche your services, or offer one-stop shop services based on subcontracting or referring out services, you will need limited equipment to start. However, if you choose to become a one-stop shop and do everything yourself, you will need more equipment. Keep this in mind as you plan your business and equipment needs.

After you have properly researched the industry, planned your business and marketing strategies, secured proper license and insurance, and have your equipment needs in order, it will be time to start signing up for work.

The best way to start is to register your business with larger property preservation companies. Below is a list of five large property preservation companies. Contact them for their vendor packets and start signing up your company so you're part of their databases.

A national property preservation and inspection company founded in 1986. (Website: mcs360 DOT com)

Cyprexx is a national field services business that provides property preservation, inspection, repair and maintenance services to some of the largest financial organizations, government institutions, asset management corporations, and brokers in the U.S. (Internet Address: cyprexx DOT com)

This company has been in business for more than 40 years providing property preservation, inspection, and REO management-related services. (Website: fivebrms DOT com)

Field Asset Services is an REO asset management servicing and property preservation company responsible for more than 7.3 billion dollars in residences on behalf of almost 30 major nationwide clients. They regularly care for 120,000 plus properties. (Site: fieldassets DOT com)

LAMCO has been in existence since 1989 providing residential REO asset management and outsourcing solutions for national lending institutions, banks, servicers, and investment firms. (Web: lendersreo DOT com)

When you register your foreclosure clean up business with these large property preservation companies, be prepared to show proof of insurance, business registration, and quite possibly be prepared to take a property preservation quiz. Most of these quizzes are straight-forward tests that simply judge your comprehension of basic industry terms and tasks. Much of the test information is quickly available online -- if you don't already know it.

Remember, once you get registered with these companies and your credentials check out, these larger entities can provide your company with bulk foreclosure cleaning work for years to come.

Much success registering your REO trash-out business with these companies for foreclosure clean up jobs!

For a larger list of property preservation companies and other key businesses with which to register for foreclosure cleaning and REO trash-out work (with direct vendor job links), see the Property Preservation & Real Estate Industry Contracting and Subcontracting Directory.

It’s a fact: the best jobs attract loads of competition. So it pays to do whatever you can to stand out as a persistent, creative candidate, one that any sane employer would love to hire.
But how can you do that, in this impersonal age of email, chat rooms and mega job sites?
Easy. Just do what has worked for others.
Here are 3 mini case studies from job hunters who got hired by creatively persisting and going after the positions they really wanted.
How can you emulate them?
1) Follow up creatively and get them talking
“I remember one job seeker trying to transition from geologist into a position as a copywriter in an advertising agency,” recalls Elizabeth Laukka, National Recruiter for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage in Minneapolis.
“He sent me a resume and work portfolio, then a few days later sent a follow-up note with a stone attached, that read: ‘I am tired of being taken for granite in my current industry,'” says Laukka.
Now, you may or may not love puns, but you have to love what happened next …
“His persistence stood out from a creativity standpoint. But more than that, he took the trouble to find out the name of the hiring manager and sent him the same excellent resume, portfolio and follow-up rock,” says Laukka.
So, not only did this candidate show creativity by sending stones in the mail, he started a conversation at the agency by mailing his materials to two people: the HR person and the hiring manager. This got them both talking to each other.
Did it work?
“We offered him the job,” says Laukka.
2) Prove your enthusiasm by showing up, and showing up, and …
Enthusiasm is a wonderful kind of wild card that can trump potential negatives in the minds of employers. And it can get you hired.
Here’s proof …
“I was hiring manager at a retail business, looking for a ‘mature’ individual for a customer service position,” says Los Angeles-based job search expert David Portney (Confidencenow.com/secret.htm)
“A lot of applicants came in, but none really fit. Among them was a young man named Michael. He was dressed to impress, had a charming and polite demeanor, but he didn’t match my ‘mature’ requirement, so I turned him away,” says Portney.
But Michael didn’t take “No” for an answer.
“A couple of days later, Michael came back, and politely asked: ‘Have you filled the position yet?’ I told him that I appreciated his follow-up, but that he did not fit the position. He thanked me for my time and left,” says Portney.
This didn’t stop Michael.
He came back a few days later … and was again turned away. So Michael came back a third time. Mildly exasperated, Portney started to show him the door, but Michael dropped a bomb.
“He looked me in the eye and said, ‘I realize I’m not the ideal candidate. But I want to tell you this — I think this store is fantastic and I’d be very proud to work here. If you give me the opportunity to prove myself, I’ll be one of the best, most reliable employees you’ve ever had,” says Portney.
“I was so impressed that I hired him on the spot. And he proved to be a hard-working employee who delivered stellar customer service that was great for business! He even worked his way into a managerial position,” says Portney
(How many times have YOU stopped at the first “No”? Michael didn’t. And he got hired. Food for thought.)
3) Prove your skills by following up
If you’re applying for a job in which follow-up is important, such as sales, your persistence after submitting your resume can lead to more interviews.
So says Dale Gustafson, Manager for Bloomington, Minn.-based Management Recruiters International.
“For individuals applying for a sales job, tracking down the hiring authority and calling them can be effective. Because any good sales person should excel at finding and cold calling decision makers. So if I am recruiting on a sales position and I get a call from someone who has submitted a resume, I will take the call,” says Gustafson.
Does it work?
“I have submitted sales candidates to clients that I otherwise would not have, because they called me following up on their resume. Of course, the candidate must say more than, ‘What’s happening with my resume?’ I expect a polished sales presentation about why they feel this may be the right position for them,” says Gustafson.
So there you have it. Three success stories you can learn from to find your next job faster.
Now, go out and make your own luck!

Online Data Entry Jobs – Choosing a Company

When most oil rig job seekers set out in search of oil rig vacancies, they usually expect to find jobs that are physically draining and work environments that are fundamentally unsafe. And while it's true that many oil rig vacancies are for jobs that are extremely physically demanding, there are a number of vacancies that do not have anything to do with drilling, which is the most physically demanding type of oil rig job.

Some of the more common non-drilling vacancies include:

A closer look at a couple of the above-noted oil rig vacancies paints a pretty bright picture for any rig job seeker who wants to avoid extremely physical work.

A rig radio operator jobs - which, in addition to radio operations, also serve the critical function of being the center of all rig logistics in emergency situations - pay an average of around $42,000 per year. You'll need a radio operator's license for this type of position.

A rig's catering department also provides an example of oil rig vacancies that do are not as demanding as drilling jobs. In addition to the head chef and cook jobs, there is also a camp boss, a team of stewards, bakers, and so forth. The camp boss is the most senior catering position on a rig and it typically pays around $55,000 per year.

And since a rig is a non-stop operation, food is needed - and served - around the clock. This means there can be a lot of vacancies on a rig for catering department jobs.

The best advice, when considering which oil rig vacancies to apply for, is to take a look at your own skill set and interests. If working outdoors in an extremely physically demanding role - exposed to unsafe conditions - is either beyond your capabilities or simply does not appeal to you (or both), then you're better off thinking about one of the many different types of non-drilling rig vacancies.

Non-drilling vacancies can offer you the best of both worlds in that you'll still reap many of the same rewards of the lifestyle (rig workers commonly work on a 14-day "on," 21-day "off" rotation, with no meal or accommodation costs), but you won't have to put as much of yourself on the line physically.

And, who knows? Perhaps through your exposure to non-drilling rig jobs you'll find yourself warming up to the idea of a more physical role. So much so that you may, in future, find yourself keeping an eye out for any oil rig vacancies that will make bigger demands of you physically (and with bigger demands, come bigger rewards).

More and more companies today are outsourcing online data entry jobs, making this one of the more lucrative work at home opportunities available. You must be cautious in choosing the companies that you work for, however, since there are many that will just take your sign up fee and then provide only stale leads or thinly disguised Internet marketing spam. Since many companies charge a set up fee, you may find it difficult to tell the legitimate companies from the scams. Here are some hints to help you find the best jobs on the Internet for working at home.
Online data entry jobs that are handled by companies or sites that have been around for a while are the most likely to be legitimate work at home opportunities. Companies that scam the public or that have a poor payment record are unlikely to stay around very long, simply because there are forums and discussion sites where information about who to avoid is posted for all to see. A company that has only been in business for a few weeks or months and is promising the moon may be perfectly legitimate, but is more likely one which is not to be trusted. Look for a track record of legitimate job postings and prompt payment.
Customer service
You should be able to reach the company directly through a customer service number. Online data entry jobs from companies where there is no way to contact customer service or where the representatives are not knowledgeable about the company are automatically suspect. If the representative cannot make themselves understood in English, you may have trouble getting yourself understood in the event of a payment problem. You should be able to ask questions of a person who can respond with good answers.
Good reputation
Look for the company that you are considering for online data entry jobs through your favorite Internet search engine. If they have a web presence, check to see if there is a forum attached where people can post comments. You may also want to check the various review sites for the general reputation of the company. Another place to check for the reputation of the company is at the Better Business Bureau. This will tell you if the company has a record of poor or slow payment, if they have poor communication characteristics and if they have ethical and professional attitude toward customers.
Subject matter
The type of online data entry jobs that you choose should be based on the type of interest that you have. If you have concerns about technical writing on subjects that you have little knowledge of or interest in, then you shouldn’t accept work that focuses on technical writing subjects. If you are uncomfortable with adult websites or businesses, then don’t accept assignments from such businesses. You won’t be able to do a good job for the customer even if they are willing to pay more. It is not a financial issue, it’s an ethics issue with certain types of data entry work.

Will Resume Blasting BLAST Your Job Search?

Majority of teens at the present wish that someday they could go out and get a stable occupation in order for them to have the freedom to acquire other things they desire for and to be independent individuals. The trouble, however, is that the largest part of the corporations do not admit young kids or teenagers for service. Even though you obtain the work, they are not being rewarded a large amount. Employment for teenagers generally has a low salary but they are required to work for longer periods as compared to the regular workers. Oftentimes, they also have to go to work even on weekends and sometimes they have to manage to work with very poor working situations.

I am now about to bring in to you the latest approach in getting a job. You will only spend few minutes of your time to fill up the application. After wards, you could start working right away. The great element regarding this work is that you are not required to do a resume. All you have to do is to have a computer, internet connection and an outlook or belief. It is true that your belief or outlook plays an important role in this work. As a young adult, you are very much needed and free to register in this job. So, begin to fill up surveys and offers in the net. You could also create more money by filling up for sites which are recommended to you.

This job do not require you to travel far from home and this is the main reason why plenty of teenagers love this new kind of working. Even if you stay at home you could also use your spare time to be productive. All you have to do is just go online and start doing the job.

For many teenagers out there, if you are searching for a job, this is an effortless and prompt way of start generating earnings in the net. On the other hand, be cautious of different sites and programs where some of them require you to pay for the registration before they could allow you to start that filling up surveys.

The only honest answer is that it might.
There are two common questions when it comes to resume distribution:
Yes, and yes. But only as a small part of a broader strategy that doesn’t depend on shooting your resume out to the world, and then waiting for the phone to ring.
Let’s talk in more detail about blasting for a moment.
Resume blasting has gotten a bad rap, mostly for two reasons.
First, some would make the case that blasting your resume to (potentially) thousands of recruiters means your search isn’t targeted enough.
Second, some disreputable blasting services made a habit of spamming recruiters with resumes that didn’t even come close to what they wanted.
Let’s deal with both.
When you post your resume and/or cover letter, indeed your search isn’t as laser-targeted as it could be. Neither are the documents themselves. That’s a necessity for that component of your search.
If you have a headhunter representing you, and you probably should, there’s also a risk that a potential employer or recruiter will get your blasted resume after your headhunter has already opened the door for you (he doesn’t get paid until you’re hired, so he’s working on your behalf). You’re in the door already! Demonstrating that you showed the same commercial to the world can look bad.
You know, when people bring up those points, they’re right.
They’re correct to say there’s a risk to blasting (and to posting). It’s possible you’ll step on yourself. It’s possible a potential employer will reject you for it. There’s very little in life without risk. A job search that incorporates posting and blasting has increased risk. Them’s the facts.
The spam issue is unfortunate. Do you hate spam? Well, recruiters loathe spam. Email is the means of establishing and maintaining contact that most recruiters prefer. In a sense, they make their living by email. They get LOTS of legitimate email. Adding a ton of spam to the pile is cruel.
So, after all that bad news…after all that increased risk…should you blast your resume?
If I were searching for a job right now, I would. That said, I wouldn’t expect to get hired from that component of my search.
Especially if time was of the essence, meaning I needed money immediately, I would blast, then get very busy. I would expect to be hired through networking, or with the help of a headhunter. The blasting and posting is really just a back-up plan. You might get lucky.
Reputable services with established track records aren’t going to spam recruiters. They’re going to send your resume to at least somewhat targeted recruiters who signed up to get it. So I don’t believe that’s a serious issue.
The idea that you’re not focused enough is true and false all at once. If you have an oustandingly prepared resume in a format that’s easy to digest, and a laser-focused cover letter that sells you like a heater to Eskimos, blast your stuff as part of a broader strategy.
Reputable services are going to get your resume and cover letter in front of folks who very much want to see them.
Whether you get hired that way or not is another matter.
Copyright (c) by Roy Miller

Employment Law – Unfair Dismissal – Race Discrimination – Foreign Employer

Do you go to work every morning with enthusiasm? Are you happy with what you are paid for your day job? What about this one, are you getting enough time away from your day job to spend quality moments with your family? Well, I didn't that's why I started trying out legitimate work from home jobs online 3 years ago and never looked back since. In this article you will be exposed to a plethora of online work from home jobs opportunities that you can choose from.

One of the more popular online jobs is data entry, typing from home. Online business companies are always in the look out for people to distribute online advertisements for them and they are willing to pay good money for that. No experience required. Online training and instructions are available to help you get started. The advertisements are also made ready for you to use. All that's required is for you to fill out web forms at home by copying and pasting the adds. It's opened to anyone who is interested around the world.

Online survey programs is fast becoming one of the most popular legitimate work from home jobs today. Many big companies look to improving and maintaining the quality of their products by paying people for their opinions. There is a big number of famous companies related to shoes and home equipments that will sometimes send you sample products to try. What better way to improve on their products than to get feedback from their consumers. The next work from home opportunity was rated the #1 work from home job of 2007.

Rebate processing jobs have been one of the most rapidly growing. You job consists of only three simple steps and yet very profitable. If you have a computer, an internet connection and you can fill out a form, you can do this. The first step is to receive the customer's information. Second step is verify they are correct. If they are, then the third step would be to send them a rebate. The final work from home job online I'm touching on and the one I'm most interested in is affiliate marketing.

This may take a relatively longer time and effort to learn but the returns are good especially when you are engaged with companies that pay passive income. Being an affiliate, means you get paid commissions for goods you sell for companies you are affiliated to. My advice is to always look for companies that provide free training, marketing tools, good support and a commission of 50% or more. However you can make exceptions for lower, provided the conversion rate is high.

These are currently some of the most popular legitimate work from home jobs online. A little tip on choosing which to start off with. Always go with the one you like and are most comfortable with. Another small advice, if you are serious about starting a work from home job take action today. Take action now. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Take your first step now and give yourself the chance to design your life the way you want it to be.

A City banker launched a race discrimination claim against Dresdner Kleinwort (“DrK”). He alleged that he was treated less favourably whilst at work, and was eventually made redundant because he was neither German nor a German speaker.
The unfair dismissal and race discrimination claim could be worth close to £10m in the event of its success. The employee in this case, Malcolm Perry, was born in Australia. He was a former global head of fixed income and credit at DrK. During the hearing he told an employment tribunal that he became increasingly concerned about being excluded from key decision-making after the bank decided to merge its corporate and investment banking businesses in late 2005. Perry told the tribunal that:
“… There was a general feeling that the hidden objective was the creation of a niche German investment bank servicing Dresdner’s German corporate clients to the detriment of [its] international franchise… This left non-German and non-German speaking employees based outside Frankfurt and not aligned to the German business nervous about the outcome of [the new CEO’s] restructuring plans”.
In his witness statement, Perry said that the bank’s capital market committee had comprised 14 executives at the time of [the new CEO’s] arrival, five of whom were German as well as nine non-German or non-German speaking employees. Perry was made redundant in June 2006. He was told that he was no longer required in his existing role and was not going to be given a key position in the bank’s new structure.
Subsequently, he is suing DrK for both unfair dismissal and race discrimination. The bank has admitted the unfair dismissal element but denies the discrimination charge. In theory, since 2003 it has become easier for claimants to prove discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin. This eventuality is due to the fact that the Race Relations Act 1976 was amended to bring in regulations concerned with the reversal of the burden of proof. Commentators on this matter have said:
“Nowadays, all a claimant has to do is to establish facts which could amount to discrimination. The burden then transfers to the employer to prove that discrimination had no part to play in his actions”.
This means that if Malcolm Perry can point to a comparable employee who was not made redundant but who happened to be German, that fact would be sufficient to mean that the burden of proof should pass over to the bank. With regards to this case, it has been speculated that there will be a great deal of evidence in the case as to the culture of the bank generally. This would attempt to demonstrate that German nationals were treated more favourably than non-German nationals. If such circumstances can be proven, then the claim is likely to succeed on the ground of direct discrimination. It is also interesting to note that the defence of justification is not available in direct race discrimination cases.
A precedent relevant to this case involved the London office of a Japanese company called Quick Corporation which provided online financial information from international capital and financial markets. The office was staffed by a mixture of locally recruited employees and employees from Japan. The local employees were made redundant and the Japanese employees were retained. In those circumstances the claims for unfair dismissal and direct racial discrimination succeeded.
This could mean that in this case the claim of less favourable treatment on the ground that he was not a German speaker would be more difficult to prove as a direct discrimination claim. It is also interesting to note that tribunals have held that English-speaking Welsh people do not constitute their own ethnic group. However, another tribunal found that where an English job applicant was refused employment because of an inability to speak Welsh, the claim for indirect discrimination succeeded because fewer of the English ethnic group than those of the Welsh ethnic group could comply with this requirement.
In this case, the bank could argue that Malcolm Perry has raised a discrimination claim only to try and recover his alleged losses. In an ordinary unfair dismissal claim, the maximum compensatory award that a tribunal may make is £60,600 or £58,400 if the dismissal occurred prior to the 1st of February 2007. There is no limit to damages payable for claims concerning discrimination.
If you require further information please contact us at
or Visit
© RT COOPERS, 2007. This Briefing Note does not provide a comprehensive or complete statement of the law relating to the issues discussed nor does it constitute legal advice. It is intended only to highlight general issues. Specialist legal advice should always be sought in relation to particular circumstances.

Real Online Work – There ARE Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities

Job opportunities for felons are often few and far between. To increase your chances of getting the best jobs for felons, you should choose an industry that is unrelated to your felony and where jobs are in high demand. It is also helpful to choose a profession, such as construction management jobs for felons, where you can be self-employed.

Construction administration jobs for felons are also known as project management or construction project management. Managers in this field are trained to oversee the planning, design and actual building of construction projects.

It is a very promising field of study right now because the employment opportunities for these managers is expected to exceed the number of qualified workers from now through 2014, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This high demand and shortage of trained construction managers means that there are many job opportunities for felons available in construction management.

What kinds of jobs for felons are available in construction management?

Job opportunities for felons include construction estimating, construction safety, construction project management and building code compliance. The construction manager's duties include keeping an eye on the big picture and making sure that the construction project is completed on time, does not go over the budget, meets quality standards and conforms to building codes. If the construction project is quite large, there will be many construction managers working on different tasks.

To be a good construction administrator, you have to like working with people. You will have to work not just with the owner-client but also with architects, construction workers, subcontractors, quantity surveyors, health inspectors, safety inspectors and other such people. Construction management may be a good choice for you if you are a good communicator who loves leadership roles. This is not the right career for shy people.

Also, since problems are bound to crop up with both large and small-scale construction projects, you need to be able to keep your cool while under pressure. Decisiveness and self-confidence are the two most important qualities that a construction developer should have.

Construction Management Jobs for Felons

Construction management is suitable for ex-felons because it is a job that is in high demand due to the shortage of qualified and experienced managers. This is also the type of job where people care more about experience and results than your felony.

Additionally, managers can be self-employed which is a good idea for ex-felons who are finding it hard to get employment. Most constructing managers work on a contract basis since construction projects are contract-based. However, it is also possible to get a salaried job within a construction company if you prefer a more stable type of job.

Since this is a managerial job, the pay is higher than average so this is a good career choice for those who are looking for high-paying job opportunities for felons.

Jobs for Felons: How to Get a Job in Construction Management

Construction education comes in two basic forms: one-year associate degrees and four-year baccalaureate degrees. Nowadays, many colleges also offer online courses as well as on-campus courses.

Generally, managers will either start at entry-level or mid-level jobs after graduation. Another career path that is popular for ex-felons is to work in construction and then take night or online classes to get a management degree in construction. This helps them get a promotion to a management or supervisory position.

It is also possible to specialize in certain construction projects which may improve your employability if these specialties are in demand. For example, some construction companies specialize in the restoration of historic homes and buildings. Experience or expertise in a specialized type of construction is quite valuable and makes getting the best jobs for felons easier.

Construction management jobs are projected to grow rapidly in the next few years so it is a good career choice for people looking for job opportunities for felons. A degree in construction management will greatly help you to land a job in construction project management. These managerial jobs for felons pay well but they are suitable only for those who are willing to put up with the stress of leadership roles.

You probably think it’s hard to find real online work, and it is. Legitimate work at home opportunities are hard to come by, but it is possible. It seems that you have to weed through 100 scams to find 1 opportunity that might be genuine. Here is some information that will help you make a real income on the internet.
Before you even start searching, a word of warning. If you come across any site that promises thousands of dollars per month without any work, it is definitely a scam. Don’t be suckered in by these programs! There is genuine work online in many different areas.
Whether you are looking for easy options that don’t require any experience or more advanced methods of making money at home, there are many things you can do. You can also decide if you just want to make a little extra spending money, or a full time income. Here are a few examples:
1. If you opt for easier methods to make a little extra money, online surveys and sites that pay you to read ads and emails are easy. You can earn a few extra hundred per month or more, depending on how much time you spend.
2. Affiliate marketing is probably the most chosen method for real online work. By selling other merchants products from your blog, website, or email campaign, you earn a percentage. This is a very legitimate opportunity to work at home.
3. Freelance writing – Many webmasters will pay you good money to write articles, blog posts, and other web content for their sites and blogs. Why? Because they don’t like to write or just aren’t good writers.
4. Data entry – You won’t find many legitimate data entry options on the internet, but there are a few. Many sites claim to offer data entry, but once you pay the membership fee or apply for the job, it isn’t at all what you thought it would be. There are a few genuine work at home data entry sites, such as Legit Online Jobs.
These are just a few examples of real online work. There are many more, but you just have to spend time finding the good ones. These days, everyone is trying to make a quick buck and people will sell you just about anything to make money, whether good or bad.
Do a thorough search when you are looking for legitimate work at home opportunities, and eventually you will find some. It will take diligence and time, but they are out there. To learn more about genuine opportunities to work on the internet, visit the links below!

Employer Branding 101 – 3 Keys To Using Employee Surveys To Build Your Employer Brand

All over the internet people are talking about online survey jobs. Why? Because they are the easiest way to make extra money online. To get paid to complete online surveys requires very little on your behalf and virtually anyone can do it. All you need is an email address.

When a new product is produced, big companies want to know how this product would sell before it hit's the market place. So they put out surveys for you and I to participate in and give our opinion on the product. These companies are willing to pay big money for people's opinions on these products.

There are so many paid survey websites to chose from, you need to be careful to look for the pitfalls that may be waiting online and you must carefully consider the paid survey sites you choose to use. Each survey site is different in every way, however they all have one thing in common, they make you money and they really work. However most companies that do online paid surveys only send out surveys every few weeks.

It is important to join as many companies as possible to make doing online surveys worthwhile so a paid site increases your potential as you will find far more companies. The companies offered by free directories often just want your personal details and they are willing to pay for them, this is how "free" directories make there money.

Treating paid surveys income as a real business will seriously increase your earning potential. Being organized with a diary or spreadsheet means you will keep up to date with payments and upcoming surveys. Keeping up to date means more opportunities, more frequently.

If you do a little research and find the companies that are worth joining then you can make paid surveys a very lucrative opportunity for you. The differences between a good survey offering company and an average one is about $20 on average per survey though some of the very best offer as much as $75 dollars per survey.

Another great thing about taking online surveys is that you get to try new things before they come out and do a survey about it. Most of the times you get to keep the product you tried after you do a survey about it. Products to test can be anything. What is better than getting paid to test a product?

Online survey jobs really do work and with dedication can be a very worthwhile income generator.

When building your employer brand, understanding the perception of your employer brand with key stakeholders is critical to nurturing your employer brand.
With easier access to on-line tools to distribute and manage employer branding surveys, how can you ensure that you get the most robust results possible?
Here are three actions you can take to support your employer brand strategy:
1. Ensure ownership by the leadership team – consider how you can get your leadership team to support you in the roll out and completion of the surveys. One strategy I have used very effectively has been to establish key performance indicators for the percentage number of responses you want to receive. It is not unusual to have returns to employee surveys as low as just forty percent, but this can be significantly increased if you engage your colleagues in the survey roll-out.
2. Ask the right questions – if your organisation is one that often uses surveys and 360 feedback tools, take care that you do not have survey overload. By ensuring that you are asking the essential questions you need responses to, ideally with 12 questions or less, will make it less onerous for respondents to reply to the survey. If the questions are able to be understood, jargon free and have good face validity in being understood, you will make it easier for participants to reply.
3. Engage your participants – implementing a communication and engagement plan around your survey, you will help participants understand the reasons for the survey and why their input is needed and valued. Connect the reasons for doing the survey to the context of your market place, your business performance and your people and organisation strategy.
If you currently implement an employee survey to support building your employer brand, review your survey implantation plan against these seven steps. Are there actions you can take to enhance the effectiveness and ownership of the survey in your business?

Social Security Numbers For Online Job Applications

Top Ten Job Searching Tips

How many of these have you read? Here we go again, but this time I am concentrating on those matters which have emerged over the last two to three years, that we often neglected or failed to use in the past; mainly it's to do with new technology.

1. Get a professional email address.

Ditch the

. Now is the time to professionalise yourself, use your proper name or professional name.

2. Google yourself.

Sounds egotistic doesn't it? But just in case you wrote something many years ago, and it raises its head to bite you in the foot, it is better to check what is out there on you in cyber space. Also while we are at it, blog your email address, telephone number and address as well, all these can leave a digital footprint exposing yourself to other information .

3. Add your email address to your CV or resume.

How many times do I see this omission?

4. Start blogging.

This is a free way of getting yourself known and building your profile.

5. Register on online job sites.

There are many: seek.com, TradeMe/jobs.co.nz, and also check out your local newspaper online listings.

6. Use social networking sites to your advantage.

Make a special professional Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Bebo etc account specifically to your work environment, keep your personal social networks to your friends.

7. Network.

Join societies, organisations and clubs associated to your career. Check out the Yellow Pages and online directories to see what is available, then network with these people.

8. Specialize - Become a Subject Matter Expert.

A sophisticated society has many specialist roles, therefore, the more specialised you are or can become, the more expertise you can provide, and more value to an employer's team. But don't forget to be a generalist in all areas connected with your career.

9. Lead from your strengths.

If you know what you are good at, or above average, or just brilliant at ... then move from that area first. If you are good at public speaking then use that as your primary form of accentuating your strengths.

10. Mitigate your weaknesses.

Similar to number nine. Play down your weaknesses. Avoid (especially in those first couple of meetings) those things that you are not so good at, or generally don't like doing.

As a Consultant I am constantly looking for my next contract assignment. Almost all of my job applications are filled out online. On rare occasion I will be asked for my social security number. If a company asks me to provide them with my SS number in order to apply for a job I question whether I want to work for that organization. As a Human Resource professional I am aware that the social security number is required to conduct a background check however no background check should be run until both parties show mutual interest with a strong possibility of a job offer being imminent.
Today I applied for a job with a health care organization in St. Louis, MO and they asked for my social security number when I filled out their online application. I entered: 000-00-0000 but the system wouldn’t accept it. The system required that I enter a valid number so I tried 000-00-1111 but it wouldn’t accept that number either. There is no reason this company should have that information up front. I will not entrust my SS number with total strangers online. What if their site is hacked? What if they run my background check without my knowledge?
I did a little research and discovered that back in the 1960’s Woolworth’s used to have social security #’s on their wallet inserts. The number they used was 078-05-1120 as a result the Social Security Administration has voided this number. Try using this number 078-05-1120 if they system will not accept your entry of 999-99-9999 or 000-00-0000. I highly recommend not providing your social security number or date of birth on any online job application.
If the Health Care organization in St. Louis, MO ends up hiring me I will recommend that they revise their online application process. As a Recruiter I would have a very difficult time persuading any future candidates to go through the online application process that requires them to include their social security number.

10 Tips On How To Write The Perfect Resume

Typing a resume these days has become very simple, especially if you have the write software. You can buy a cheap resume writing software for around $35, but you will most than likely get a very generic looking resume.

In order to type up a good resume you first need to know the basic components a resume is made up of.

Functional formatting is good to use if you are changing careers or have had setbacks in your working profession. The reason for this is because you'll list your accomplishments before your employment history. By highlighting your skills first, you are sort of drawing attention away from your lack of experience and more towards you abilities.

Ok, now that you know what makes up a resume and have chosen the best formatting for your resume, now you can start writing. A tool I like to use is a 19 question questionnaire that helps me break down the information I will need for my resume.

State your name, mailing address, permanent address,

and the phone numbers, fax numbers, and/or email

addresses where employers can contact you. If relevant,

please include your website address.

What is the purpose of your resume (i.e. a position with

a different employer, or a different position with the

same employer)?


position are you seeking?

Are you switching jobs, or re-entering the workforce?

Have you had progressive professional growth

throughout your career?

Have you had any jobs previous to your current one, or

has this been your only employer?

What would you say is stronger, your skills and

accomplishments or your work experience?

Are you willing to relocate? If so, how far are you willing

to move? Would you be willing to take a position in a

different country?

Are there any special circumstances which might affect

your resume (e.g. being fired, gaps in employment,

major career change, criminal record, immigration

issues/eligibility to work)?

What positions have you held? For each position state a)

the dates you held the position, b) the specific tasks you

accomplished, c) whether these tasks support the job

you're currently seeking.

For each task or accomplishment, state what words best

describe the work you did. Did you "manage," "develop,"

"author," "negotiate," or "conceptualize"?

For each previous job held, state how you contributed to

the success of your company or department. Please use

specific numbers or percentages.

What is the highest level of education that you reached?

At what school(s) did you receive your diploma(s),

and what were your majors? Also, what year(s) did

you graduate?

List any academic awards or honors. If applicable,

state the topic or title of your Master's thesis or doctoral

dissertation. Also, list any professional licenses or

certificates you hold.

What special skills could you offer companies that

apply to the position you're seeking? Proficiency in

certain computer languages or programs, pilot's license,

internet experience, artistic talent, foreign languages or

shorthand experience.

Non-work experience. What professional associations

do you belong to? What positions have you held in these

groups? If you are a recent graduate, what organizations

were you involved with while in college? What significant

volunteer work have you done?

Have you ever been published? List titles of works, and

where they were published.

Why are you the very best candidate for this position

(please be specific)?

Why should you be hired over all the other applicants

(again, the more specific, the better...what


you apart)?

Once you have answered the questions, the rest is a piece of cake.

With the questions you've answered, there is nothing left then to fit them into the components we have discussed earlier. Once you've have done so, you have just created a one of a kind resume and should get ready to blow any employer out of the water.

Once you know what a resume consist of, then you know what kind of formatting there is. Then when you fill out the free questionnaire, the rest is just putting the puzzle together. If you would like to see an example of a resume I have written or need further help in writing a resume, head on over to shibaresumes.com [http://www.shibaresumes.com] and I would be more than happy to help. You can also post you resume for FREE.

Good luck in your Job search and writing.

A resume represents you in words and is the one that creates the first impression. So, a resume must be well thought of and written perfectly. According to experts in the field of human resources there are five basic concepts:
1. A resume must market your skills. It must highlight your qualifications and experience.
2. The resume must avoid focusing on the past and project what you are and your capabilities. It must be about “you” and not on your past.
3. The highlight must be on your plans for the future and how you intend to go about achieving your aims.
4. Instead of chronologically listing your job profiles the resume must emphasize with clarity your accomplishments.
5. The resume must reflect your skills and visions not just mundane everyday actions at work.
When sitting down to write or rewrite a resume, put yourself in the shoes of the person who will read the resume and either shortlist you or junk your application. Never use a standard resume for every job application. Rework the resume to “fit” the job you are applying for.
There are 10 vital steps that will help you create a perfect resume:
1. First read through the job vacancy profile carefully. Then create a “job objective.” This just means the position you are applying for.
2. Determine what skills, knowledge, and experience will suit the job best.
3. Create a short list of your qualifications and experience that will reflect that you are a suitable candidate for the post. That is you are capable of handling the proposed “job objective.”
4. Draw from your past experience and find accomplishments that prove you can shoulder the job responsibilities.
5. In the resume elaborate in brief accomplishments that highlight your abilities to handle the job you are applying for. Emphasize how your work benefited your employer.
6. Include in the resume a table listing the jobs you have held in chronological order. Begin with the most recent. Include student experience, summer placements, and projects undertaken gratis. Explain any time gaps.
7. List your educational qualifications especially those relevant to the job you are applying for.
8. Ensure that the format of the resume is consistent follow either the chronological or functional format. A template for a functional resume is at
and chronological is at:
9. Include a concise and crisp career objective at the beginning of the resume.
10. At the beginning include a summary of key points.
When in doubt surf the World Wide Web and read through resume tips and formats given by experts on sites like monster.com and Yahoo jobs .com.
A perfect resume is one that grabs the attention of the employer. It should be distinct from the thousands that will reach the employer’s desk. A winning resume is one that speaks volumes without shouting out loud of your abilities and strengths.
Write a resume. Then ask an impersonal outsider to vet it for you. If in doubt seek professional help.

Summer Job Interview Questions For Teens

Ok, so the big question here is - how do you find a job on Craigslist quickly?

What most people do obviously is browse through the ads under "gigs" and "jobs" and that is of course one way to get you a job on Craigslist. If you are a web designer you will look under art/media/design, if you are a lawyer or an attorney, you can look under legal/paralegal. You read the particulars of the posting made by the employer and if this is of interest to you, you can reply to him with your credentials by email or phone.

Another way to get a job is to let people know about your services. If you are an expert with image editing, you can post an ad stating your skill under "services". If you are a lawyer you can post your qualifications and how much you charge under "legal", if you teach Spanish/French, you can speak about your degree, years of experience and charges under "lessons". These of course are two ways of searching Craigslist for a job.

Another very good way of bagging a job as it arrives on the website is to use a search tool for Craigslist. Using a search tool which has notifications will allow you to be the first person who knows about a new ad. With a search tool, ads will come to you instead of you going to each and every ad. Most search tools allow replying to prospective employers too.

As the summer season approaches some high school teens are making plans to work. For many, this could be a first job. As you consider where to work and what kind of work you want to do, you should also get your high school resume as well as prepare for your interview. Here are eight interview questions employers ask high school students in interviews. These tips will serve as a guide to help high school teens come up with the best answers in the job interview.
A. The interviewer wants to learn more about your skills, abilities and some of your interests. This response sets the tone for the rest of the interview and it is a good idea to make the answer as brief as possible. A rough rule of thumb is to say something about the recent past, something current and a plan for the future. Here is what one freshman student shared in her interview,

– My family relocated to this region three years ago and I went to XYZ Middle School.
– I am currently a Freshman at ABC High School and I take all honors classes. I am a part of the drama club stage crew and enjoy the theatre and arts.
– My goal is to pursue Theatre Arts in college.
A. Tell the interviewer why you applied for this position. Talk about your skills and your availability, not the employee discount. As a high school student, you can speak to the flexibility that the job offers, the proximity of the job to home or school or that you are saving for something specific like a summer trip, sports camp or your first car.
A. High school teens should speak about after school activities, elective classes taken outside of school or any volunteer work or family obligations you might have. Do not be afraid to talk about activities such as music lessons or band practice.
A. This is a good chance to speak about your good performance in your favorite classes. Speak about teachers who you know would be able to give you a good letters of recommendation.
A. The interviewer wants to learn about you problem solving skills for handling challenges or conflicts. Make sure to give specific examples where you might have had a problem you actually had to solve. Don’t forget to talk about great outcomes.
A. Share your availability to work daily or weekly. If you are looking for a job in retail, do not forget Saturday and Sunday. These might be the days where the employer needs you most.
A. Share information about job skills or accomplishment on the job. Do not speak badly about any prior employers. Keep this part of the interview very positive and upbeat.
A. Here is an opportunity to talk about your job skills, behaviors and achievements and how they could be an asset on your new job.
Interview preparation is really key to interview success!
For extra help, teens can take the job description to the career counseling office at their high school and ask if for assistance. Ask to do a practice interview as well.